Lunenburg Community Choice Power Supply Program

The Town of Lunenburg is pleased to announce that it has selected ConEdison Solutions as the supplier for its Community Choice Power Supply Program (“Program”). ConEdison Solultions will provide electric power supply for all Basic Service consumers in Lunenburg.

Lunenburg’s Community Choice Power Supply Program Rates

(Supplier Services Only)

November 2014– MAY 2015 *

Residential                                        $0.1399 /kWh

Small Commerical                              $0.1399 /kWh

Medium Commerical/Streetlights       $0.1399 /kWh

*Rates apply to service beginning and ending on the days of the month that your meter is read in your service area.

YOU WILL NOT NOTICE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR ELECTRICITY SERVICE.  The only difference you will see is that ConEdsion Solutions will be printed under the “Supply Services” section of your monthly bill.  You will continue to receive one bill from Unitil.  You will continue to send your payments to Unitil for processing. Unitil will continue to respond to emergencies, read meters and maintain the distribution and transmission lines. Reliability and quality of service will remain the same. Furthermore, you will continue to have all existing consumer rights and protections.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO TAKE ANY ACTION to participate in Lunenburg's Community Choice Power Supply Program.

ALL BASIC SERVICE CONSUMERS are enrolled in the Program and start benefiting from the lower rate beginning on the day of the month noted above that your meter is read. This date varies by service area. Your meter reading date is shown on your bill.

BUDGET PLAN OR ELIGIBLE LOW-INCOME DELIVERY RATE CONSUMERS will continue to receive those benefits from Unitil. 

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY CHOSEN A COMPETITIVE SUPPLIER ON YOUR OWN You will not be enrolled in this Program. You will continue to get your electricity from that Competitive Supplier.

IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM you may: 1) Opt-out and continue paying Unitil’s Basic Service rate; or 2) Opt-out and choose your own Competitive Supplier (if one is available to you)

HOW TO OPT-OUT Within 30 days of receipt of your notification letter, fill out, sign, and return the enclosed postage paid card OR click the Opt-Out Button to the right, then fill out and submit the Opt-Out Form.

ANY TIME AFTER ENROLLMENT  you can still opt-out with NO PENALTY CHARGE. It may take a couple of billing cycles before you are back on Unitil’s Basic Service.  If you choose to opt-out after the initial 30 day opt-out period, you may submit an Opt-Out Form by clicking the Opt-Out Button to the right OR call us toll-free at (866) 485-5858 OR call ConEdison Solutions at 1-866-469-8361 and ask to be placed on Unitil Basic Service.

IF YOU FAIL TO PAY YOUR BILL IN A TIMELY MANNER consistent with the requirements of Massachusetts law, you may be switched back to the Unitil Basic Service.

HOW TO OPT-IN  If you had originally opted-out of the Program or were contracted with a Competitive Supplier, you may enroll with the Program at any time.  Just click the Opt-In Button to the right, fill out and submit the Opt-In Form.  If you were contracted with a Competitive Supplier,  before opting-in, we suggest that you verify with that Competitive Supplier that they will not charge you any fees or penalities for leaving their supply service.  The Lunenburg Community Choice Power Supply Program has NO PENALTY CHARGE whether you are opting-out or opting-in.

Colonial Power Group, Inc. is an energy consulting company chosen on a competitive basis by the Town of Lunenburg to facilitate the Community Choice Power Supply Program.